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UNYT Insider is the official newspaper of the University of New York in Tirana.  It was founded as a forum that accurately captures the beautiful school spirit of one of the elite universities in Albania; a forum that is truly of, by, and for the students of the University. It is more than just a way to disseminate information. Our primary goal is to stimulate the collaborative effort within our university and provide an outlet, that may otherwise be unavailable, for students to express their concerns and opinions.

Each month, the newspaper’s pages are filled with interesting, captivating, and entertaining articles. Through the diversity of the content that is presented – articles on social issues, local news, governmental policies, trending stories, school policy, student life, surveys, etc. – this newspaper strives to become a “living guide” and engage the students of UNYT both on campus and digitally.

We are committed to reporting the truth with the utmost responsibility, even if it means challenging the current status quo in our university.

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