CoronavirusUpdates: University’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

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2 months ago483 min

University of New York in Tirana has been closely following the COVID-19 pandemic and has taken strong measures to ensure the safety of all students and faculty members.

March 9th – All classes suspended until further notice

  • University of New York in Tirana suspended all classes from March 9, 2020, to March 23rd  after the Ministry of Health and Social Protection confirmed that the first affiliate had tested positive for the coronavirus in Albania.
  • “We hope to successfully pass this emergent situation,” the Rectorate said while announcing the news.

March 16th – All classes moved to online instruction 

  • University of New York in Tirana announced on March 13th that all course instruction will be moved online starting on March 16th.
  • Students will be able to join through the e-Learning Platform following their routine schedule for each class/professor.

March 21th – All classes and activities suspended until April 3rd 

  • Following the Council of Ministers’ decision for strengthening the measures against COVID-19, the Rectorate of University of New York in Tirana decided to suspend all classes and other activities until April 3rd. Course instruction continues online.

April 21th – Midterm exams held online 

  • Following the measures against COVID-19, University of New York in Tirana held all midterm exams online from April 21st to May 1st through the e-Exam Center.