AlumniAlumnus Interview: Andi Selaj on his post-graduate life

Chief Executive Officer at Skincode Albania.
Xhulia Xhaferi2 months ago297 min

As we continue to search for successful alumni, we came in contact with Andi Selaj, who graduate from University of New York in Tirana in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Andi is currently the CEO of Skincode Albania. His journey has not been particularly easy.

Interviewer: Why did you choose to study business administration?

I chose to study Business Administration because I was involved from an early age in my parents’ company. Back then, it was a skincare clinic, and eventually, it evolved into a skincare product distribution business. We distribute to pharmacies, spas, and salons throughout Albania. This was for me the main drive that pushed me to get a Business Administration degree.

Interviewer: What are your responsibilities in the company?

Nowadays, I cover marketing, business strategy, business development, and I am also a Co-Founder together with my parents. From simply helping my parents with the business, I got involved more and more every day. That made me a co-founder; it was not only because I was their son. It was something I had to earn and work hard for. Also, I oversee the development and the marketing of our family’s spa and our products’ distribution.

Interviewer: Why did you choose UNYT?

I previously graduated from a high school in Tirana that has a professional business profile where the language of instruction is English. UNYT was the only university that ticked the most important boxes for me at the time, which were a North American education with a roster of Western-minded, diverse professors and getting an Empire State College diploma that would allow me to keep my international prospects open.

Interviewer: Which were your favorite classes?

There were many classes at that time that I really enjoyed, notably Managerial Leadership, Managerial Accounting, Entrepreneurship, World History, and Art History.

Interviewer: How did UNYT prepare you for your career?

The most important aspect that I was able to get was constantly being in a critical thinking mindset and mentality. To not take everything at face value but to also question it in a thoughtful way and try to understand everything from a different perspective.

Interviewer: Your best moments in UNYT?

I think the best moment for a university student is graduation, for sure. The second-best moment would be getting accepted and beginning my studies at UNYT. I remember I was very excited and motivated during my first and second years.

Interviewer: What do you miss more about UNYT?

I miss the most being around the campus and some of the professors. Some of them were international professors, so they have left Albania by now. They had a profound impact on me. But also, I miss the friends I made. Some of them are living abroad, while some have continued their own path. It is mostly the general feeling of being there that I miss the most.

Interviewer: Do you have any advice for current students?

I would advise them to take every opportunity they can get and turn it into an opportunity to develop themselves more.

Xhulia Xhaferi

Xhulia is a sophomore at University of New York at Tirana. Since a young age, she spent most of her time reading books, writing short stories, painting, and playing instruments. As she strives to extend her knowledge of different cultures around the world, Xhulia enjoys movies in foreign languages, especially French and Spanish. At Insider, Xhulia is Vice Editor for the 1st Managing Board. She seeks to bring her expertise in culture and globalization.