Student LifeSurvival Guide for Freshmen at University of New York in Tirana

Tips to get you started and make your college life easier.
2 months ago276 min

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to enter a sorority/fraternity to know the ins and outs of your university. If you were thinking of joining one and you happen to be a struggling freshman who has not gotten a grip on university life yet, look no more. Here you have 5 tips to get you started and make your life much easier:


  1. Get your credentials as soon as possible

Students in our university can access their transcripts online through Egnomon. It is a platform that allows you to check your grades for each course and the overall Grade Point Average of the Semester. Furthermore, you will also need your printing credentials. The printing room is located opposite the Library and can be used anytime you need to copy or print assignments, lecture notes, and what-not. To get these credentials, you need to go to the IT Office and take both your login ID and password. Do not forget to renovate it next semester!


  1. Plan in advance

Plan in advance. There is no other place we know of where the expression “Time goes by in the blink of an eye” becomes more literal than at UNYT. Having to study for 5 or 6 back-to-back exams in under a week, while taking care of other assignments and research papers, will drive your procrastination levels over the roof. To avoid unnecessary headaches, start studying in advance. We guarantee you will not have to cram for a final 12 hours in advance or pull an all-nighter to write a 10-page research paper.


  1. Socialize

Buddy up to someone that is, at least, a sophomore in your major and try to get as much information as possible, from the courses they have chosen and their experiences with the teachers to the amount of effort they have put into each course. If they remember exam questions, which we highly doubt, that is definitely a bonus. In our experience, students who use the library on a daily basis are always extremely friendly and serious about their classes. So, you might want to consider taking a trip to the library if you have not done so yet.


  1. Get Involved

Clubs and events are crucial to your college experience. After taking a close look at the list of all up-and-running clubs at our university, provided on the last page of the newspaper, you can contact Student Union to join the clubs you like the most. Do not miss out on-campus events also, as they can be utilized to expand your network and improve your social interaction skills. This tip is particularly important if you plan to complete your graduate studies abroad. In fact, extracurricular activities make up for around 30% of your application, for they are a clear representation of how you would serve and impact their campuses.


  1. Bonus

College is meant to be a deeply transformative phase of your life. So, get out of your comfort zones, meet new people, learn to develop healthy relationships, and extend your horizon. This period of trial and error will shape your life path. Remember you always on the driver seat and at the end of the day, you get to choose which way you will be headed.